About Me

My journey in SEO and digital marketing began in 2016. That’s when I started working as a part-time content writer to earn some extra money. I quickly realized that I enjoy this more data-driven aspect of marketing, so I decided to pursue it full-time.

During my career, I worked with all types of businesses and clients, ranging from upcoming startups and SMEs to global cultural institutions and reputable travel agencies. My goal is to help companies in the travel vertical increase their organic traffic and visibility through a combination of targeted SEO content, technical improvements, and digital PR. I am also a contributor to several publications.

When I am not doing SEO, writing, or geeking out playing strategy games, I enjoy experimenting with sounds, going hiking in the woods, being close to the sea, and taking photos. Based in Europe, I spend most of my time between my favorite cities, Athens, and Amsterdam. I am also an advocate for remote working and have published numerous articles on the subject. 

Interesting tidbits about me that nobody asked for:

  • I have two MA degrees: In History and Applied Cultural Analysis (UX research mixed with anthropology).
  • I started out as a marketing copywriter but I quickly realized the ’60s are over and Don Draper is just a TV character. That being said, I still write landing page and web copy, but designed mainly for the digital world.
  • Visit my cannabis content writing website to learn more about my Amsterdam ties 😉
  • My favorite pastimes include exploring the Greek islands, playing music, gaming (particularly management, grand strategy and tycoon games), and trying to write fiction.
  • Voted “Best Person Ever” by my mom and my cat.

I’m interested! How do we start?

Feel free to send me a message using the contact form below. Your first consultation is free so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to learn more about my services. Rest assured that we will work together to find content solutions tailored to your particular needs

Send me a message using the contact form below!

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