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                                      I am an SEO content writer and researcher, with a passion about technology and digital nomadism. During the last three years, I have been working primarily in travel content writing and marketing. You will find my texts featuring in ads, niche websites, blogs, and marketing collateral for startup companies, agencies, SMEs and cultural organizations.

My mission is to research, plan and produce benefit-oriented copy that provides informational value and increases user/consumer engagement. Focused on the user my writing guarantees proper communication of your vision to the public based on facts and research. As of this moment, I have written more than 800,000 words of original content and blog posts for more than 50 unique clients all over the globe. For context, Les Miserables is only 500,000 words. Take that French poet, novelist, and dramatist Victor Hugo!



About Me

When I am not writing or planning about writing, I spend my time playing music, working out, taking photos and gaming. Oh, and I travel every chance I get. No use being a travel writer if you don’t travel! I also have a lovely cat who never lets me get any work done and I am a huge fan of Indian food. If you ever want to take me somewhere nice, you know what to do 😉 If you want to say hello or ask me about my work contact me for more information. I’d love to hear from you!

Content Writing Types

Articles & Blog Posts Press Releases
Case Studies Guides
Emails Web Copy
eBooks UX Copy
Landing Pages White papers


I mainly work as a cannabis and travel writer, but that’s not all I do!

Analytics Automotive
Blogging Cannabis Industry
Content Marketing Travel
Search Engine Optimization Home Improvement
eCommerce B2B
Finance Services Startup News

Academic Work

For those interested in anthropology and humanities in general, you can find my essays available for download in the following links:

Theoretical Traditions In Applied Cultural Analysis: Disjunctures and Reconstructions of Locality, Space and the Habitus – Essay

A Market of Sounds: Exchanging Ideas Between Sound Art and Ethnography – Article

Digital Nomads: Travel, Remote Work and Alternative Lifestyles – Masters Thesis in Applied Cultural Analysis, Lund University

I’d love to hear and discuss your comments regarding my work!

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