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George Mouratidis

SEO Content Strategist – Freelance Writer

Grow your web presence with optimized content, tailored to your needs.


Web Content

Enhance your web presence and build trust with carefully curated website content. From your mission statement to your about us page, every bit of text on your website must instil confidence.

Blog Management

Running a blog is a time-consuming business that can help you drive targeted traffic to your website. Learn how content marketing can help you drive relevant traffic to your website.

Landing Pages

Keyword-optimized landing pages can make a significant impact on the overall performance of your website. I can help you drive sales and maximize ROI. Ask me how!

Article Writing

Your blog is an important marketing asset. Fresh, interesting content is loved both by users and Google. Learn how you can leverage it to your advantage.



As a professional, I help brands build thoughtfully written text around carefully selected keywords. My goal is to inform people about a product, service or destination and drive organic traffic to a particular website. I am, what marketing people call, an SEO travel writer. Some of the brands I’ve worked with include Stasher, Intrepid Travel, and Travelade.

As an anthropologist, I’m mainly interested in the fields of digital nomadism and remote work. If you’re in the mood for a read, you can take a look at my thesis about the subject. As a digital nomad myself, I have seen the positive effects telecommuting had on my performance, so I decided to get more involved with the subject. I have also written several other academic essays, mainly about anthropology in connection with other disciplines.

During the last five years, I have lived in many places and worked in many environments: from a student in Sweden to a freelancer in Greece, to full-fledged digital nomad around the world. Currently, I work as a content writer in the legal cannabis and travel industries.

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