Hi there! My name is George Mouratidis.


SEO Writer.
Digital Nomad.



SEO Writer

As a professional, I help brands build thoughtfully written text around carefully selected keywords. My goal is to inform people about a product, service or destination and drive organic traffic to a particular website. I am, what marketing people call, an SEO travel writer. Some of the brands I’ve worked with include Stasher, Intrepid Travel, and Travelade.

As an anthropologist, I’m mainly interested in the fields of digital nomadism and remote work. If you’re in the mood for a read, you can take a look at my thesis about the subject. As a digital nomad myself, I have seen the positive effects telecommuting had on my performance, so I decided to get more involved with the subject. I have also written several other academic essays, mainly about anthropology in connection with other disciplines.

During the last five years, I have lived in many places and worked in many environments: from a student in Sweden to a freelancer in Greece, to full-fledged digital nomad around the world. Currently, I work as a content writer in the legal cannabis and travel industries.

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Digital Nomad

My work takes an ethnographic approach in the examination of digital nomadism. Through the daily life experiences of 15 individuals from all over the world, the thesis investigates how digital nomadism works for those who do it.

The aim of the study is to focus on the advantages and disadvantages of remote work, as an alternative to “traditional,” locally-bound forms of employment.

Specifically, I explore how they adapt to this situation by forming new ways to communicate, work and socialize. This research focuses on two major research areas: The first one concerns the factors that make individuals choose to travel and work remotely. The second part of my analysis concerns the travel patterns, productivity, work/leisure practices, and sociability forming behind a lifestyle that is not bound to a certain locality.

The digital nomad lifestyle revolutionizes the way we perceive work, leisure and travel. At the same time, it forces us to take a better look at ourselves, as it challenges values and long-held beliefs on the world of employment.

You can download a copy of the thesis from Lund’s University library here. Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email if you want to get in touch!


Remote Work And Digital Nomadism

My interest in digital nomadism and remote work started back when I was doing my Masters in Anthropology at Lund’s University. At about the same time, I started working as a freelance writer to cover my living expenses. Writing content and ad copy was the only way for me to earn some extra money since I couldn’t speak Swedish. Three years later, writing is still my full-time profession.

As my remote clientele grew, so did my curiosity about the state of work in general. Through the use of smart devices and Wi-Fi, it was entirely possible for me to live in Sweden and provide my services to customers all over the world. My physical presence was rarely requested or needed. All I had to do is turn in quality work.

Remote working can change the game in the world of employment. Even though telecommunications are ubiquitous, work is still irrevocably tied with the physical presence of an individual at a specific location. But what if it wasn’t? This is precisely the focal point of my research on digital nomadism. If you want to read a more in-depth guide about remote working, check out my guide on how you can negotiate a telecommuting position with your boss.


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