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George Mouratidis

SEO Content Strategist and Travel Writer

Drive organic traffic to your website with high-quality SEO content marketing


I am a travel content writer offering a wide range of services related to web content writing and copywriting. Learn more about them below.

Web Copywriting

Enhance your web presence and build trust with carefully curated website content. From your mission statement to your about us page, every bit of text on your website must instill confidence.

Optimized copy serves a dual role: it earns trust and helps drive traffic through proper SEO. Simply put, when you craft your copy around specific keywords people commonly use on Google, you can help them find you faster –for free!

Getting found on the web is only half the battle. The most important part is to deliver a stellar user experience to your website visitors. Web copywriting is all about striking a balance between writing for people and search engines.

Blog Management

Your blog is an important marketing asset. Fresh, interesting content is important both to users and Google. Learn how you can leverage it to your advantage.

Running a blog is a time-consuming business that can help you drive massive amounts of targeted traffic to your website with minimal costs. Learn how a proper content marketing strategy can help you grow your business effectively and organically.

Landing Page Copywriting

Landing pages are the first thing users will see when they end up on your website from anywhere other than an internal link. Therefore, it is important to give them a good impression! Essentially, landing pages are hyper-targeted sections of your website, crafted specifically to generate leads or sell a service/product.

Confused? Let’s say you own a roofing business that operates in multiple locations. Instead of relying on generic content to drive your sales, you could write laser-focused landing pages for each area and increase your chances of converting the right audience. Think of each landing page as a unique gateway to your website.

Although clicks might come from anywhere, in the world of digital marketing, landing pages are closely associated with search engine results (mainly Google). While there are lots of ways to get traction fast (PPC ads, paid advertising, social media promotions), ranking high organically is the most efficient option in the long term.


My name is George Mouratidis and I am an SEO content strategist and travel content writer. My job is to help your brand develop thoughtfully written content, based on data and SEO best practices. My goal is to inform people about your product, service or destination and drive organic traffic to a particular website, without spending a penny on PPC!

Learn more about my professional and academic background

Travel Content Writer

A professional travel content writer can help lift a ton of stress from your shoulders. A seasoned travel writer knows the subtleties of the hospitality business and can help you tap into the potential of content marketing in the most efficient way possible.

An experienced travel content writer can help you with many time-consuming tasks, including:

  • Creating guides: Inspire potential customers with detailed restaurant recommendations, transportation guides, and local business directories. Guides like this will provide value to your audience, create leads and generate awareness for your brand.
  • Optimizing your website copy: Beautiful photos are essential, but sometimes, appealing text can be the factor that convinces travelers to choose your service.
  • Implementing a content strategy: Driving organic traffic is less costly than other forms of marketing, but it is unusable without a proper strategy. A professional travel content writer can help you target the right people and bring them to your website.

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